Used Mercedes-Benz SL-Class AMG (2002 - 2011) Comfort

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Last Updated: 24 Jan 2014
The AMG versions of the SL - or at least the ones with V8 power - don't seem to offer a great deal more on paper than the top versions in the standard range. The SL55 AMG and later SL63 AMG are on a par for power with the SL600 and offer considerably less pulling power.

4 out of 5


Being a two seater allows pretty generous room in the cabin, although you have to be agile to get in and out of the low body with the roof up. The seats are firm, but comfortable and are electrically adjustable while the metal roof is fully electric and can be chosen with a glass panel overhead rather than steel, allowing the cabin to be bathed in sunlight even on the coldest days.

However, since April 2008 the SL has been available with the Airscarf feature also found on the SLK which warms the neck area with fans and a heating element in the head restraints. The SL AMG is hardly affected by wind noise with the roof up, and buffeting is minimised with the roof down thanks to a pop-up deflector. Tyre noise is more noticeable, however.

3 out of 5


The hard roof means little sacrifice is made for having a convertible and clever packaging has freed up more boot space when the roof is down. There are also some small storage compartments behind the seats. There are only two seats so practicality is still limited, and a few more modern rivals are able to offer more space.

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How does the boot space compare?

235 litres
Mercedes-Benz SL-Class AMG (02-11)
235 litres
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105 litres
4 out of 5

Behind the wheel

While the cabin is similar to the standard SL, AMG versions have bespoke instruments and many of the materials are different, giving the car a more sporty feel. New features from 2008 are a reader for music files on SD card, the availability of digital radio as an option and a switch to a different premium audio system provider.