Used Mercedes-Benz CLK Coupe (2002 - 2009) Comfort

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Last Updated: 22 Jan 2014
The CLK goes down the 'looking good' rather than 'feeling sporty' coupé route. Its sleeker shape and big pillarless doors lend it a more sophisticated air than a Mercedes saloon.

4 out of 5


It's passable as a full-time four seater with adequate rear legroom for children and enough headroom for most passengers, but it can feel a little claustrophobic in the back. It does a good job of cocooning occupants from the outside world though. The earlier CLK270 CDI models have more intrusion from engine vibration than other models. The later diesels - especially the 320 CDI - are much better.

Wind and road noise are kept to a minimum though, even at higher speeds.

3 out of 5


It may be a two-door, but accessing the rear seats isn't too difficult, provided you're fairly agile. There's also a good-sized boot with 381-litres of space - about the same as a Ford Focus, and the rear seats flip down to increase the load area. There's no need to stretch behind for seatbelts either - after closing the door, front seat occupants are handed their seatbelts as an electric arm extends from behind your shoulder.

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How does the boot space compare?

455 litres
Mercedes-Benz CLK Coupe (02-09)
435 litres
430 litres
300 litres
4 out of 5

Behind the wheel

Subtle curves and traditional style instruments with modern white LED distinguish the interior of the CLK - but it's more focussed towards comfort rather than performance driving. The analogue clock is the same size as the rev counter, perhaps hinting that ringing every last rpm from the engine will not be a priority for the owner. Materials feel reassuring in quality compared with a few earlier models from Mercedes-Benz and visibility is good - albeit with the inevitable compromise of the tapering roof-line increasing blindspots to the rear.