McLaren 570GT Coupe (2016 -) Buying & Selling

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Second of what will become a three bodystyle Sports Series family is the McLaren 570GT, a slightly softer, more comfortable take on a high-performance two-seater from the Woking-based manufacturer. Like the rortier McLaren 570S and entry-level 540C, the 570GT is a coupe, but unlike the other two with their aerodynamic rear buttresses, this one has a side-hinged glass tailgate instead of a vented engine cover, liberating a further 220 litres of storage space in the process.

4.8 out of 5

Buying new

  • Just a single version to choose from
  • Consider your options wisely
  • Be conscious of escalating costs

Perhaps surprisingly, there’s a wide range of choice in the £150,000 to £200,000 arena that the McLaren 570GT falls into, but it’s a superbly quick and comfortable option.

As only one version is available, many customers will delve deeply into the extra-cost options catalogue, something we’d advise doing carefully and with guidance from a McLaren sales specialist who will make clear which modifications add value and improve saleability.

If you’re planning to keep your 570GT in the longer term then let your imagination and personal tastes run riot – McLaren has a nice line of vibrant oranges and greens, for instance. But if you intend your ownership experience to be more short-term then consider more muted tones and less divisive options to keep its appeal broader come resale time.

4.8 out of 5

Buying used

  • Concentrate on 570GTs with a provenance
  • If it’s not immaculate then walk away
  • If you don’t like the options, don’t buy the car

The McLaren 570GT is a car you need to buy with your eyes wide open – not after a cursory tyre kick.

It’s vital that every scrap of paperwork relating to the previous owners’ stewardship of the car is evidenced and can stand up to the most detailed scrutiny. Allay your fears further with a Parkers Car History Check to uncover any hidden secrets from the car’s past. If it’s not a colour you like or it has options you find superfluous to your needs then walk away – they’ll niggle at you every time you drive it.

Give all the consumable components – tyres and brakes for instance – a thorough examination as they’ll be expensive to replace, especially the carbon ceramic ones that are designed to last the life of the car.

Pay attention to examples that are pristine inside and out – anything short of being immaculate is unlikely to be worth considering.

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4.8 out of 5


  • Ensure your 570GT is presented at its best
  • McLaren retailer may want your car
  • Highlight what makes yours great

McLaren will be keen to help keep 570GT residual values healthily buoyant so a brand retailer may well be interested in buying your car from you come resale time, even if you’re swapping to another brand.

Presenting your car to the highest of standards and ensuring all the relevant paperwork is detailed, unambiguous and in order will make life easier for potential buyers who are keen to exchange with their cash.

If you’ve spent extra on options when the car was new then highlight these to your would-be customers – it could help clinch the deal if yours is fitted with kit the buyer considers vital.