Used Jaguar XK R-S Convertible (2012 - 2014) Safety & Reliability

Review by Tim Bowdler on
Last Updated: 12 Aug 2013
Sometimes you wonder when enough’s enough, and when you consider the thinking behind the outrageous Jaguar XKR-S you’ll realise that those who gave this thing the go-ahead simply had their hands over their ears when caution was being urged. The thing is, the brutish Jaguar XKR that preceded the ‘S’ was more than enough to please the performance junkies but Jag felt it still wasn’t done and got going with the Porsche GT3-rivalling XKR-S Coupe.

4 out of 5



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There's a multiude of systems fitted to improve Jaguar XKR-S Convertible safety. Most important is a rollover protection system that’ll do its best to protect occupants if the car ends up upside down. There’s an adaptive restraint technology system that pre-loads seatbelts and other safety systems if it thinks an accident is imminent. Front and side airbags for both driver and passenger, whiplash reduction, pedestrian safety, ISOFIX child seat fitting at the rear, dynamic stability control and active differential control, emergency brake assist and electronic brake distribution are all featured too.

The seats have a whiplash reduction system and although the car hasn’t been tested by Euro NCAP, the body should protect you well should the worst happen.

4 out of 5


Jaguar has done well in consumer satisfaction and reliability surveys and although it's improving there are still question marks over the electronics. Obviously, it’s based on the XK and that has enjoyed a decent reliability record. The interior looks classy and robust, and during our test we didn’t hear any creaks or groans from the running gear or suspension and the interior was free of disconcerting rattles and buzzes too.

There doesn't seem to be much to worry about regarding Jaguar XKR-S Convertible reliability.

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