Jaguar F-Type (2013 -) Comfort

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Last Updated: 15 Oct 2015
The Jaguar F-Type is an all-new, two-seater open top sports car, something that the British company has not produced in many years. Front engined with a choice of three engines, it is exclusively rear-wheel drive and - for now - features a fabric roof.

5 out of 5


This may be a two-seater sports car but Jaguar F-Type comfort levels are very good. The interior has a real feel of luxury and there is no doubt this is a premium car.

And although the sports seats are snug fitting, they're not hard and provide plenty of comfort for long journeys.They are fully adjustable, and there is the option of 14-way electrically adjustable seats if you really want to achieve a bespoke seating position, plus the steering wheel is easy to adjust for reach and rake

Because Jaguar has designed the interior to be incredibly driver focused it's very easy to spot all the controls you need quickly.

The touch screen is typical Jaguar fare that is easy to understand, though the sat nav can sometimes be slow to update your progress on the map.

If there's one downside worth noting, it's the amount of buffeting present with the roof lowered. Even average height adults will catch a bit of the wind’s blast, especially as speed edges over 50mph.

4 out of 5


This is a convertible sports car so Jaguar F-Type practicality is not a strong point. The boot space is good at nearly 200 litres, but the shape is awkward with a recessed dip that doesn’t quite take a computer laptop bag.

It's wide but also shallow, so getting a medium suitcase in will not be easy - best to think weekend soft bags.

Inside the car there are two shallow cup holders in the centre console, plus a small cubby space underneath a the armrest. A bigger storage space can be found behind a panel between the two seat backs, plus the glove box is a decent size.

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5 out of 5

Behind the wheel

The place you want to be. Everything is focused on the driver from the main instruments to the touchscreen in the centre dash.

The rubber coated toggle switches are tactile and a pleasure to operate, and the same applies to the rotary air con controls.

All F-Types come with keyless start so there is a stop/start button positioned just forwarded of the gear lever, plus the electrical seat adjustment is mounted by the door handle.

It all adds up to a very hands-on experience that thoroughly engages the driver.