Used Honda CR-V (2012 - 2018) Buying & Selling

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Last Updated: 28 Apr 2014
The British-built Honda CR-V is now in its fourth generation. The five-seat SUV has been in production since 1995 and has proven incredibly popular for the Japanese manufacturer.

4 out of 5

Buying used

Honda owners tend to be a fairly fastidious bunch so you can expect to find plenty of decent, low-mileage examples with full service histories and a welcome absence of dings and scrapes.

You will pay more for the diesels but don’t be put off by those who have a few more miles under their belts. The engines are hard-wearing and proven which means that, as long as all the paperwork is in order, a CR-V with a high odometer reading shouldn’t be discounted.

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4 out of 5


You’ll have to have a bit more patience when you are trying to get shot of your petrol-engined CR-V. It won’t command the kind of high prices a diesel will.

Of course, a well-kept example might turn a few diesel diehards’ heads but you’ll have to be prepared to engage in a bit of haggling to find the right price.