Ford Mondeo Saloon (2014 -) Safety & Reliability

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Last Updated: 16 Jan 2015
With a sleek and almost four-door coupe-esque silhouette, this is the new Ford Mondeo saloon, a body style dropped mid-way through the life cycle of the previous generation due to dwindling sales. Unless large family cars have a premium badge, it seems saloons just lack appeal to British buyers: Vauxhall sells few four-door Insignias and Volkswagen Passat saloons are outsold by the estate here too.

4 out of 5



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Although the crash test experts at Euro NCAP have yet to publish their Ford Mondeo saloon safety findings, the company expects a five star car when they do.

Underneath Mondeo’s bodywork is a lighter yet stronger crash structure, which should ultimately protect the car’s occupants better in the event of an accident. Airbags all-round will further cushion them, while outside LED tail lights and a pedestrian detection system with automatic braking enhances safety for pedestrians and other road users.

We’ve not given the car a five star rating though primarily because much of the safety equipment is optional, Ford missing an opportunity to set new standards for class safety.

On the Mondeo saloon options list are those inflatable rear airbags, adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning system and even emergency city braking. Lane departure warning is standard though, while the X Pack comes with dynamic LED headlights as standard, shining the light beam towards the corners. LED day running lights also come as part of that package.

4 out of 5


We expect Ford Mondeo saloon reliability levels to be good because even though it’s the company’s first hybrid in the UK, it’s been sold in North America for a couple of years already with no significant issues reported.

Much of the electronics and safety systems have also already seen the light of day in other Fords too, plus the company has thoroughly test bedded all its components over tens of thousands of miles of prototyping.

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