Toyota Corolla Estate (00-02) – Facts and Figures

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Toyota Corolla Estate (00-02)

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ModelMPGCO2VED BandTax

1.4 VVTi GS 5d

40 mpg

165 g/km


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1.9 D GS 5d

42 mpg

180 g/km


Road Tax | Company Cars

2.0 D4-D GS 5d

47 mpg

157 g/km


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ModelMPGCO2VED BandTax

1.6 VVTi GLS 5d

39 mpg

171 g/km


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All you need to know about VED

VED stands for vehicle exercise duty or road tax. Any car used on the road is required by law to display a tax disc. Buying a new car also requires the purchase of a road tax disc which is more commonly known as First Year tax or Showroom tax, whereas with a used car it is VED or road tax. A tax disc must be renewed annually or every six months.

From 1st March 2001 the annual car tax (VED) rates are determined by a car's CO2 emissions and type of fuel used. This information can be found on the car's log book or V5 document. If your car was registered before the 1st of March 2001 then the road tax is based only on the engine size, with one rate for the engine sizes up to and including 1549cc and one for engines over 1549cc. This info can also be found on the log book.