Porsche Cayenne SUV (18 on) – Facts and Figures

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Porsche Cayenne SUV (18 on)

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Standard Trim

Model0-60 mphTop SpeedBHP

E-Hybrid Tiptronic S auto 5d

4.8 secs

157 mph

455 bhp

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Model0-60 mphTop SpeedBHP

Tiptronic S auto 5d

6.0 secs

152 mph

335 bhp

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S Tiptronic S auto 5d

5.0 secs

164 mph

433 bhp

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Model0-60 mphTop SpeedBHP

Turbo Tiptronic S auto 5d

3.8 secs

178 mph

542 bhp

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Turbo S

Model0-60 mphTop SpeedBHP

Turbo S E-Hybrid Tiptronic S auto 5d

3.7 secs

183 mph

670 bhp

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Model0-60 mphTop SpeedBHP

GTS Tiptronic S 5d

4.6 secs

168 mph

453 bhp

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