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The SRX is a large 4x4 vehicle that's designed to be comfortable and easy to drive on-road, rather than a hardcore off roader. Its main strengths are that it comes with seven seats as standard (although the extra row doesn't offer that much room), comes well equipped and is distinctively styled.

3.5 out of 5


Those in the first five seats are treated to lots of headroom and good legroom. However it's not so good for those relegated to the furthest back, where legroom is tight and (as the seats are low to the floor) passengers are forced to sit with their knees high. It's also noisy - making it impossible for passengers in the front and back to hold a conversation at speed due to the engine noise.

Aside from that, it rides well and the seats offer good support - those in the front are multi adjustable and very comfortable.

3.5 out of 5


With all seven seats in use, there's very little load space - just enough for a couple of small bags. The rear seats fold to create a large and practical flat load area. This is done electrically, by pushing a button in the boot, but you have to hold your finger on the button and they're slow to fold. Inside, there's a large glovebox and plenty of cubbies.

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450 litres
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2.5 out of 5

Behind the wheel

Although well trimmed and attractive inside, SRX's interior isn't particularly user friendly and is marred by a series of small irritations. There are lots of small buttons - some of which duplicate the same function. Plus there are others that are in places you wouldn't expect - the rear wash-wipe is located on the ceiling with the electric sunroof switches.

The sun visors are also annoying - when they're pulled down they block half of the rear-view mirror. The steering wheel adjusts for height only (not reach), though electrically adjustable pedals partially compensate for this. Finally, although the stitching on the armrests looks good, it scratches if you're wearing short sleeves.