Used BMW 6-Series Convertible (2011 - 2018) Comfort

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Last Updated: 27 Aug 2015
This is the second generation of the 6-Series from BMW and the standards have been raised on the premium cruiser. The Porsche 911 Cabriolet, Jaguar XK Convertible and the Mercedes-Benz SL got off lightly when the original 6-Series Convertible was launched, but now they have a battle on their hands if looks are anything to go by, and BMW means business with this new model.

3.5 out of 5


The 6-Series exudes quality and refinement,. Jump in and you’ll find that there is little engine, tyre or wind noise. Depending on what model you drive there will be a glorious sounding burble (more so in the 650) when you press the accelerator. The 6-Series is very refined and cossets both driver and passengers as it glides you along on your journey.

It is a 2+2 arrangement but you will struggle to accommodate anyone over the age of 12 in the rear unless they only need a ten-minute lift up the road. The retractable rear windscreen does a decent job of keeping the wind from buffeting you when on the move. There are a few downsides. Visibility is poor and it is hard to gauge the front (long bonnet) and rear (small screen) when parking.

Keep your car free from scrapes by adding parking sensors as it is not the easiest to judge. The A-pillars are quite large and obscure the vision on tight bends.

3.5 out of 5


Convertibles are not known for spaciousness but the 6-Series has a decent sized boot. With the hood in place there’s 350 litres of space. If you want wind-in-your-hair motoring then the boot decreases to 300 litres. However, that’s still the same size of loadspace as you would find in a Skoda Fabia hatchback. There are a few cubbies for loose change but the door pockets are a little on the narrow side.

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BMW 6-Series Convertible (11-18)
350 litres
283 litres
235 litres
105 litres
4 out of 5

Behind the wheel

The cabin is plush and also very logical in the traditional manner that BMW is famous for. The materials used are top-notch, they feel well-made and look like they will be durable. Entertainment and aircon systems are controlled by the BMW iDrive system (a dial on the centre console of the car). This allows the dash to be de-cluttered of buttons. A head-up display to aid the driver can be chosen as a cost option: it projects vehicle speed, navigation and vehicle waning lights in front of the driver and is a really useful tool when driving for enjoyment.