Used BMW 3-Series M3 Convertible (2001 - 2006) Buying & Selling

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A very impressive piece of kit, with sufficiently enhanced looks to distinguish it from cooking 3-Series models, the drop top simply adds an extra layer of appeal to the M3's already compelling specification. Ultimately the loss of the metal roof makes it less suitable for the race track, but that's not the point of this car.

3.5 out of 5

Buying used

Plenty to choose from and thanks to the bespoke body panels, there's no danger of being sold a fake. Make sure the hood functions properly - any grumbling or juddering from the brakes would suggest it's been on a track day and in need of expensive new brakes.

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4 out of 5


The M3 Cabriolet's talents are enough to ensure that selling one will be easy although be prepared to have a few test pilots turn up hoping to take it for a drive.