Audi R8 Coupe (2015 -) Safety & Reliability

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When the Audi R8 Coupe was launched back in 2007 it quickly became known as the user-friendly supercar. It was fast, reliable and easy to drive.

5 out of 5



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Underpinning this new supercar’s design is a lightweight but incredibly strong chassis and a body built from aluminium. The combination of both mean it’s incredibly stiff and strong, which means Audi R8 safety levels are actually far higher than you might expect.

There’s an ISOFIX point for the passenger seat, and each seat also gets front, side, head and thorax airbags as standard. Other safety equipment installed in every R8 V10 Coupe includes cruise control, keyless entry and start and parking sensors.

Each car has the quattro all-wheel drive system so there’s plenty of grip available, while V10 Plus models also get the carbon ceramic brakes as standard – they’re optional on normal models.

We found Audi’s ‘virtual cockpit’ arrangement helps with safety too, since your eyes are always facing in the direction all of the information is coming from. That means no turning your head to see a sat-nav screen, which means you can concentrate harder on the joy of driving the R8.

Optional safety kit includes a reversing camera, a self-parking system, automatic high-beam headlights and even LED laser headlights, which we’ve tested and work fantastically well.

5 out of 5


There isn’t much to worry about here. Audi R8 Coupe reliability should be on par with any of its rivals – if not better. The main engine and gearbox components have been used before so they’re tried-and-tested, while the interior feels robust and of an extremely high quality.

The previous version didn’t experience any recalls of note, and we haven’t heard of any issues from owners so there’s very little to trouble you.

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