Audi Q7 SUV (2015 -) Safety & Reliability

Review by Graeme Lambert on
Last Updated: 08 Oct 2015
Since it was introduced in 2006 the Audi Q7 has found over 500,000 homes, and finally, nine years later, an all-new model has arrived on UK shores. To most – beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all – this Q7 is anything but a ‘looker’ yet this new car promises to be the best to drive and most technically advanced SUV from the firm yet.

5 out of 5



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As you’d expect from the brand, quattro is standard on this SUV, and that means there’s a good chance of avoiding an accident before it’s even happened – so Audi Q7 safety promises to be impressive. So it proves when scanning the list of standard systems included with every car.

Each comes with eight airbags and Attention Assist, which monitors the driver’s alertness levels and suggests a break in driving if it believes its required. On top of that there’s hold assist to stop you rolling down a hill when setting off, cruise control – with an adjustable speed limiter – a rear parking system and both Audi Pre-sense Basic and Audi Pre-sense City.

The latter works at speeds up to 52.8mph and uses a camera to monitor events up to 100m ahead; if it expects a collision with another vehicle, object or human it sends an audible warning into the cabin, then momentarily applies the brakes to jolt the driver to alert them and eventually will fully apply the brakes to minimise the impact. At speeds under 25mph it will avoid an impact entirely.

There are three different optional safety packages that customers can add to their Q7, comprising City, Parking and Tour packages. The City package includes Audi Side Assist which uses LEDs in the mirror to warn of vehicles in the blind spot, Cross Traffic Assist which monitors for other cars passing as you reverse out of a blind parking spot and informs the driver via a visual then acoustic warning before activating the brakes momentarily to jolt the vehicle. Exit warning stops you opening your door onto passing traffic unawares while the Trailer Manoeuvre Assist works at speeds up to 6.2mph and automatically reverses anything you are towing into a desired space or along a trajectory set by the MMI rotary controller, adjusting the steering while you operate the brakes and accelerator.

Choose the Parking package and Park Assist System is included, which will steer your Q7 into perpendicular and parallel parking spaces, and steer you out of the latter when you need to leave. It also includes 360 degree cameras.

The Tour Package includes Adaptive Cruise control with Stop & Go function which will brake the car to a halt and accelerate up to speed again when in traffic, the Traffic Jam Assist even making small steering inputs for a form of autonomous driving. Collision Avoidance Assist + Turn Assist is also included, the former adding torque to the steering inputs to steer around the obstacle and the latter monitors vehicles turning across the front of your Q7 and if needs be will slow the car to a halt to avoid contact.

4 out of 5


Using plenty of technology from other models, Audi Q7 reliability, promises to be near-exemplary. Especially the pair of diesel engines, which feature in the firm’s A4, A5, A6, A7 and A8 ranges, having constantly proven themselves for robustness.

And despite being fitted with plenty of hi-tech kit, it’s all a variation of what we have seen before – including the Audi Virtual Cockpit display as debuted on the TT Coupe and TT Roadster. In fact this may be our only reservation, having witnessed and heard reports of some minor electrical glitches with this particular system. By the time the Q7 hits showrooms we’d expect the firm to have ironed any of these out though.

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