Used car valuation

Step 1: Manufacturer and model

Fiat 500 Hatchback (08 on)

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0.9 TwinAir Bicolour 3d

0.9 TwinAir Bicolour 3d Dualogic

1.2 Bicolour (Start Stop) 3d

1.2 Bicolour (Start Stop) 3d Dualogic

1.3 Multijet (95bhp) Bicolour 3d


0.9 TwinAir 3d

0.9 TwinAir 3d Dualogic

TwinAir Plus

0.9 TwinAir Plus 3d

0.9 TwinAir Plus 3d Dualogic


0.9 TwinAir byGucci 3d

0.9 TwinAir byGucci 3d Dualogic

1.2 byGucci 3d

1.2 byGucci 3d Dualogic


0.9 TwinAir Street 3d

1.2 Street 3d

1.3 Multijet (95bhp) Street 3d

0.9 TwinAir Street 3d Dualogic

1.2 Street 3d Dualogic

Colour Therapy

0.9 TwinAir Colour Therapy 3d

1.2 Colour Therapy 3d

0.9 TwinAir Colour Therapy 3d Dualogic

1.2 Colour Therapy 3d Dualogic


0.9 TwinAir S 3d

0.9 TwinAir S 3d Dualogic

1.2 S 3d

1.2 S 3d Dualogic

1.3 Multijet (95bhp) S 3d


0.9 TwinAir Pop 3d

0.9 TwinAir Pop 3d Auto

1.2 Pop (Start Stop) 3d

1.2 Pop (Start Stop) 3d Auto

1.2 Sport (Start Stop) 3d

1.3 Multijet (95bhp) Pop 3d


0.9 TwinAir Lounge 3d

0.9 TwinAir Lounge 3d Auto

1.2 Lounge (Start Stop) 3d

1.2 Lounge (Start Stop) 3d Auto

1.4 Lounge (Start Stop) 3d

1.4 Lounge (Start Stop) 3d Auto

1.3 Multijet (95bhp) Lounge 3d


1.2 Sport (Start Stop) 3d Auto