Used car valuation

Step 1: Manufacturer and model

BMW 3-Series Saloon (05-11)

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Step 3: Select a version

Standard Trim

318i 4d

318i 4d Auto

320i 4d

320i 4d Auto

320si 4d

318d 4d

320d 4d

320d 4d Auto


318i ES 4d

318i ES 4d Auto

320i ES 4d

320i ES 4d Auto

318d ES 4d

320d ES 4d

320d ES 4d Auto


318i SE 4d

318i SE 4d Auto

320i SE 4d

320i SE 4d Auto

325i SE 4d

325i SE 4d Auto

330i SE 4d

330i SE 4d Auto

318d SE 4d

320d SE 4d

320d SE 4d Auto

330d SE 4d

330d SE 4d Auto

M Sport

318i M Sport 4d

318i M Sport 4d Auto

320i M Sport 4d

320i M Sport 4d Auto

325i M Sport 4d

325i M Sport 4d Auto

330i M Sport 4d

330i M Sport 4d Auto

318d M Sport 4d

320d M Sport 4d

320d M Sport 4d Auto

330d M Sport 4d

330d M Sport 4d Auto