Why you can buy with confidence

Where are you buying your car from?

Cars for sale from franchised dealers will usually come with a full range of benefits including warranties, pre-sales checks and refurbishment.

Cars for sale from independent & supermarket dealers also usually come with benefits including warranties and pre-sales checks.

Why is Parkers safe?

Buying a car can be a stressful experience which is why Parkers, and its partner Motors.co.uk, have provided a range of measures to help to make your car buying experience through Parkers easy, simple and stress free.

Motors.co.uk history checks cars before they appear on our pages. No other similar site does this. Motors.co.uk also manually check for cars that seem too cheap or otherwise seem suspect.

Our partner Motors.co.uk provides further protection because it's a founding member of VSTAG (Vehicle Sale Trading Advisory Group). The organisation aims to fight fraudulent car selling and buying activity, and includes the Metropolitan Police Force as one of its members.

Both Parkers & Motors.co.uk constantly try and alert the car buying public to new and existing scams.