25 August 2010 by Parkers Team

  • Four new cars score top five star marks for safety
  • New tests include score for cars safety assist systems
  • Advanced driver aids and alerts continue to reduce risk

Four new cars have been put through the latest round of crash tests and all received the maximum five stars for safety. 

The Suzuki Swift, Honda CR-Z, new Citroen C4 and the Hyundai ix35 are the latest models to be tested by Euro NCAP and all managed top marks.

The new C4 achieved excellent marks of 97% for its safety systems. These include blind-spot monitoring and alert system, cornering lights for improved visibility and the new eTouch assistance package, allowing quick access to emergency services.

However, out of the four cars tested only the C4 does not have electronic stability control as standard. Higher-spec models that feature the system received a five-star rating.

Honda's sporty hybrid, the CR-Z, scored well on both adult protection and pedestrian protection, while the ix35 proved its worth when it comes to family safety with the highest marks on child protection.

In the small car class, the latest Swift performed well, achieving the highest adult passenger protection rating out of the four cars.

Euro NCAP is encouraging all manufacturers to have electronic stability control fitted in all cars ahead of government legislation that requires all new cars to have it fitted from 2012. 

From October onwards, Euro NCAP will offer more guidance to buyers about the safety offered by new cars. The new 'Advanced' Euro NCAP will look into technologies that cannot be tested under the current system, such as driver assistance systems.

Euro NCAP crash test results

Make and model Overall rating Adult Protection Child Protection Predestrian Protection Safety Assist
Citroen C4 5 stars 90% 85% 43% 97%
Honda CR-Z 5 stars 93% 80% 71% 86%
Hyundai ix35 5 stars 90% 88% 54% 71%
Suzuki Swift 5 stars 94% 82% 62% 71%