02 July 2008 by Parkers Team

  • The 10 best ways to help you save money on insurance
  • From clever comparison to checking monthly payments
  • Just switching your insurance company could save £100s

It is tempting just to stick with your existing insurance company when it's time to renew your cover - there's no hassle after all and well, better the devil you know...

But switching your insurance could save you hundreds of pounds and it doesn't have to be that taxing. Set aside a lunch hour to get a better deal.

Here's ten top tips to help you get cheaper car insurance: 


Clever comparison
Don't just shop around; shop around smartly


Buying new? See what the dealer can offer
When it pays to take advantage of incentives


Don’t forget the basics
Why honesty really could be the best policy 


Play the job title name game
Describe your job differently to save


Add a named driver… or two
Why an extra person can mean cheaper cover


Added extras mean added cost
Be careful of policy add-ons


Paying monthly? Don’t get caught out
You could end up paying more than you should


Go direct to the insurer’s site to save more
Cutting out the middle man cuts costs


Choose the right time to phone
Time your call to and pocket big rewards


Be savvy when it comes to payment
How to squeeze the last penny from your insurance